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Locating green components is an essential part of the process of reaching full compliance with green regulations. As I have explored the world of green initiatives, I have encountered many companies offering, or planning to offer, compliant components. This page compiles all those websites into one place. Each entry is a link to a website that specifically addresses the company policy regarding compliance. You will find descriptions of lead-free programs, component search engines, data sheets, part numbering policies, green roadmaps, and much more.

I have also written previously that not every supplier is ready. Nor are green websites offering the same information. Some are more complete than others. To help you know what to expect, I have reviewed sites and commented on what they have to offer. I rank sites from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. What I look for is depth and breadth of compliance information. The best sites go out of their way to make it easy for you to collect compliance data on their parts. The least useful sites only offer general policies.

Ranking Criteria:

If your business has a RoHS-WEEE compliance page that is not on this list, please feel free to add it. You can use the same page to update your site information. Listings are free. I will personally verify and review each submission. A reciprocal link from your site back to the site is always welcome.

Also, if you believe I have misranked your site, please write to me with web page addresses of information I might have missed. Upon review I will correct the ranking where warranted.

Company Rank Review Comments
Freescale 5 Extensive policy and roadmap, compliance declarations, contact Tech Support for MC Data
Lattice Semiconductor 5 Policy and roadmap, compliance declaration, downloadable material content data
Texas Instruments 5 Policy, roadmap, certificate, detailed material declarations downloadable for multiple parts
Advanced Power Technology 4 General policy statement. Look under Company Info, Lead-free Solutions for specifics on key parts families.
Agere MicroSystems 4 Detailed material declarations by package type and part number to package type matrix.
Catalyst Semi 4 "Green Package product overview" declares all materials used in parts construction
Intel 4 Policy and roadmap, 55 page material declaration for IC packages (PDF)
Intersil 4 Policy and roadmap, detailed declarations for all packages with test methods
ITT Cannon 4 Policy and roadmap, compliance declarations by product family
Kemet 4 Policy and roadmap, compliance declarations by product family
Legerity 4 (PDF) Policy and roadmap, compliance declarations by product family, materials declared by brand name
Maxim 4 Full material content declarations, parts search
Microchip 4 Policy and roadmap, detailed material content listing for all package types
National Semiconductor 4 Policy, roadmap, signed compliance statement, material content report generator
NIC Components 4 Policy, roadmap, compliant parts selector, MDS support
Philips 4 Policy, roadmap, full material declaration for each product family listed on roadmap
Schurter 4 Policy, roadmap, detailed material declarations available in PDF
Skyworks 4 Detailed compliance declaration (RoHS, JIG), package roadmap, compliant parts identified
Xilinx 4 Policy, roadmap, compliant parts listed, material content viewable online
3M / Robinson Nugent 3 Interconnect products compliance roadmap, corporate environmental policy
Altera 3 List of compliant products and several white papers on lead-free topics.
Amkor 3 Good explanation of issues and plans, detailed product info available through sales office.
Analog Devices 3 Plans, policies and explanations of what is available in compliant formats.
API Delevan 3 Policy, package compliance statement, termination surface finish details
Artesyn Technologies 3 Better than average roadmap and conversion plan.
Atmel 3 Detailed lead-free and halogen-free info in roadmap.
AVX 3 Links to papers on conversion of specific product families.
BEL 3 Better than average roadmap and conversion plan.
Belden CDT Electronics Division 3 Policy statement, compliant parts listed, marked on data sheets, some content data
Bourns 3 (PDF) Roadmap shows conversion plans, numbering changes, availability for all parts families.


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